Bordeaux Classical Music Festival
July 16th - 25th  2019 

Join us for a beautiful evening experience with Les Nouvelles Saisons, Bordeaux’s Music Festival, from July 16th to July 25th.

Created in 2017 by classical musicians and Bordeaux natives Jeremy Genet and Christiain Lauba in partnership with the City of Bordeaux, the festival alternates between open air and interior concerts, and offers a large variety of styles (including baroque, classical, romantic, modern, and contemporary music), all for the affordable ticket price of 15€ (10€ for the minors).

This year we are proud to present ten days of concerts taking place in some of the most iconic and historic places of our beautiful city.


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  • The Cathedral July 18th and 25th : Bordeaux’s most visited monument is beloved for it’s magnificient architecture, and offers the perfect acoustics and period ambiance for baroque and classical concerts.

Program : On July 18th at 9.00 pm, The Capicelli Cello Quartet will give a moving tribute to the world-renowned Cellist Pablo Casals. On July the 25th 9.00 pm, we will have the closing concert of the festival here, featuring Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Mozart’s Divertimenti.


  • La Cour Mably July 17-19-21-23-24 at 7.30 pm : Centered around an ancient stone court of a medieval convent, the Cour Mably is a secluded and peaceful place in the heart of the city with extraordinary acoustics. This venue is the heart of our festival and the setting for our open-air concerts.

Here, you can enjoy the great masterworks of chamber music with the Akilone String Quartet, Tosca Clarinet Quartet, Amstel Saxophone Quartet, Unopia’s pianists, and guests such as violinist Oscar Bohorquez, cellist and festival co-founder Jeremy Genet, and the violist Helene Desaint.


  • La Grande Poste, July 16th and July 22nd 8.00 pm : This gem of a modernist building, featuring beautiful Art Deco architecture and great natural volume, is the perfect place to to hear music from the late 19th century to the current day.

A cornerstone of the Bordeaux’s official cultural season, the festival promotes and celebrates its timely theme of Liberté ! (Freedom !) which gives a deeper context and purpose for the program and our presented masterworks.

Tuesday, July 16th
8.00 pm
at La Grande Poste 20 €

7 rue du palais gallien,33000 Bordeaux 

This concert will be the festival’s opening concert, starring the equally amazing Wilhem Latchoumia at the piano and Richard Ducros on saxophone.
Paired with a rum tasting, this fresh and exciting concert will be featuring selections from Villa Lobos, Jean Matitia, Gershwin, and … Wagner !
Wednesday, July 17th
7.30 pm
at La Cour Mably  15 €/10 €

3 rue Mably, 33000 Bordeaux

Coming from Netherlands, the very "fresh" Amstel Saxophone Quartet will present works from Philip Glass to Leonard Bernstein and from Nyman to Lauba. The light and cheerful atmosphere of our first open-air concert goes perfectly with a fresh beer or a glass of excellent Bordeaux wine.

Thursday, July 18th
9 pm,
at Bordeaux’s Cathedrale Saint André 20€/15€/10€

Place Pey Berland, 33000 Bordeaux:

This magical evening with the Capicelli Cello Quartet (featuring members of the world-famous Capitol’s Orchestra) will give a moving tribute to the world-renowned Cellist Pablo Casals, performing works by Bach, Wagner, Casals, Popper, and Villa-Lobos. This is the perfect occasion to immerse yourself in the exciting, intense, and moving world of the cello quartet.

Friday, July 19th
7 pm,
at La Cour Mably 15€/20€
3 rue Mably, 33000 Bordeaux:

Charming, light, and festive, the Bordeaux-based Toca Clarinet Quartet has been invited to return after their performance brought down the house last year. Featuring excerpts from Carmen, Georges Bizet, Piazzolla’s Tangos, Scott Joplin’s Rags, and Gounod and Iturralde, you are sure to love this delightful concert.

Sunday, July 21st
10.30 pm,
at La Cour Mably 15€/10€
3 rue Mably, 33000 Bordeaux:

Did you ever dream of traveling in the night to a beautiful piano recital in France ? Join us and be enchanted by the Dukas Apprenti Sorcier, Dvorak’s Slovack Dances, Ravel’s Spanish Rhapsodie, and Borodin’s Prince Igor.

Monday, July 22nd
8 pm,
at La Grande Poste 20 €

7 rue du palais gallien,33000 Bordeaux:

Whether you already love the drama and sweeping beauty of Russian masterworks or you’d like to hear them live for the first time, this concert of piano, violin, and cello is the perfect homecoming. Starring the award-winning Trio Gallien, the program celebrates Shostakovich and Rachmaninov and their two completely different Soviet-era stories and musical styles.

Tuesday, July 23rd
7.30 pm,
at La Cour Mably 15€/10€
3 rue Mably, 33000 Bordeaux:

Please join us for an open-air musical journey through the idea of freedom, and for what will be the most Romantic concert of the festival, featuring masterworks by Schumann and Dvorak. Starring

Jeremy Genet on cello, Guilhem Fabre on piano, and Oscar Bohorquez on violin, this Tuesday evening will be the perfect opportunity to pair music with a glass of local wine.

Wednesday, July 24th
8 pm,
at La Cour Mably 15€/10€
3 rue Mably, 33000 Bordeaux:

Starring the famed all-female string quartet Akilone, Helene Desaint on viola, and Jeremy Genet on cello, this open air evening promises peaks of intensity, passion, and energy with a monumental Tchaikovsky masterwork, the string sextet ”Souvenir de Florence” and the Janaceck second string quartet. Not to be missed !

Thursday, July 25th
9 pm,
at Bordeaux’s Cathedrale Saint André 20€/15€/10€ 

Place Pey Berland:

The closing concert of the festival will be in the majestic Bordeaux’s Cathedral, with a program including Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by the young and prodigious Kristi Gjezi and the Nouvelles Saisons Orchestra as well as master works from Mozart and CPE Bach. Please join us for a memorable night as we close out our second year of music and celebration.


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